Retirement PLanning

Our financial professionals are trained to assist you with both individual and corporate retirement plans.

Above all everyone should be setting aside money for the future. Whether those funds are used to provide money during retirement, provide funds when your are ill or your children need help, everyone needs to set aside money to be used later in life.

At Treasure Coast Financial, we espouse "Living on 80" or what we call, the "Joseph Principle".  We encourage everyone to live on 80% of income and save the rest.  This is one of the oldest strategies in recorded history. Thousands of years ago, the Bible tells us Joseph, the son of Jacob, became leader in Egypt and convinced Pharaoh a time of famine was coming.  During the time of prosperity, Joseph told the Pharaoh to command everyone set aside a fifth (20%) of what they produced to protect the Egyptians when famine came.  It was good advice back then, and continues to be good advice to this day. We can help you determine a savings rate that's appropriate for your particular situation.

There are many vehicles you can use to save for the future.  From corporate pensions, IRAs, life insurance policies or an array of other investments, the key is to spend less and save for the future.

If you have a retirement question feel free to fill out the question form here, or call 772-283-6342 today to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.